Donald Sadowy

  • Beginning Weight: 236.6 lbs
  • Beginning BMI: 36.0
  • Beginning Metabolic Age: 88 years old


Before LightenUp, Don Sadowy had issues with his sleep. He snored and had nightmares that would keep him awake at night. Now that Don has successfully completed the LightenUp! Ultimate Fat Loss System Don has had more restful nights with no snoring and no more nightmares. Overall, Don has lost 43 pounds, down from a tight size 44 pant to a loose size 40 pant and is feeling better than ever!


  • End Weight: 193.2 lbs
  • End BMI: 29.4
  • End Metabolic Age: 55 years old

Kathleen Sadowy

  • Beginning Weight: 181.2 lbs
  • Beginning BMI: 31.1
  • Beginning Metabolic Age: 67 years old


Before LightenUp, Kathleen had to take a daily Claritin pill and was unable to stretch well in her yoga classes. Now that Kathleen has successfully completed the LightenUp! Ultimate Fat Loss System Kathleen has lost 23 pounds Kathleen has no need for the Claritin pill and has more energy than ever before. She also can wear dresses again with a belt and is down 4 belt notches on her pants. She can stretch better at yoga and is healthier than ever. When everyone had gotten the flu at her job, she is a teacher, she was the only one who didn’t catch the bug!


  • End Weight: 153.6 lbs
  • End BMI: 26.4
  • End Metabolic Age: 49 years old

Sherry Goldsmith

” I started LIGHTEN UP with mixed feelings because I’ve been on many diets and although I lost weight, I wasn’t able to maintain it. On LIGHTENUP, I’ve lost 30 pounds and I have no desire to eat like I did before. Besides finding this diet easy to follow, I’ve always felt satisfied and never hungry. A big benefit of the program was that I was able to ELIMINATE ALMOST ALL OF MY DIABETIC MEDICATION and I hope to eliminate the rest of the medications entirely soon. ”


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